In the Health & Wellness world, diet is an area where possibly the most heated arguments are held and when seeking advice the answer you get will likely be biased, not with malicious intentions but because there are so different regimes and each have its own set of data to support each of them.

 The most important piece of advice I give is: do not eat anything that would perish without refrigeration, eat whole grain

This is simply ‘avoid processed food’ put into practice.

That orange juice you get off of a shelf and not a refrigerator? Throw it out, it is processed.

That one-minute rice? Processed.

This is a basic principle that can be plugged into any regime you decide to pick. The body has signaling mechanisms that together are called the Metabolic & Endocrine system and it includes multiple organs and hormones produced by them. Processed foods have components that interfere with this signaling by creating inflammation.

But what else?

The body is, possibly, the most sophisticated piece of machinery we will ever know. One of its sophistication is energy management, the body is amazing at storing energy for those times of famine and also very economical at using energy even in times of abundance

The second most important piece of advise is to understand energy balance. How many calories I need at rest, how many calories I need to perform my activities and how many calories what I’m eating have?

One of the higher levels of knowing yourself is reached by knowing how much fuel you need in a need. There are tests that can help you identify this but a simple way to calculate how many calories is this: 24 x desired body weight in Kg x modifier. The modifier is either 1.3 if you have a sedentary life, here I put average Joes and Janes who don’t exercise, 1.5 if you have and active life and 1.7 I leave for the elite athletes. If you want to lose weight, put your desired weight, if you want to maintain current weight use that and if you want to gain your goal.

That simple!

This are just basic principles that I do use and recommend but I do recommend picking and choosing features from different regimes because diet has to be practical and able to fit your lifestyle and not the other way around.

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